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How to mount your nest box.

Every Comfy Creature's nest box is supplied with our own mounting system. It's the safest, fastest and easiest way to mount your nest boxes. Plus, it's super strong, UV resistant and like all our products, made to last for generations.

Because the nest is mounted clear of the tree, the cambium is not damaged and there is no risk of ring barking or otherwise harming the tree. It's also safer for you. As the mount is aligned with your center of gravity, there's no awkward reaching or swinging loads.

You can purchase a kit for your project : here

You can watch our mounting video here:

Or follow these steps:

 1. Load two of the three screws into the jig by clipping the smooth shaft of the screw into each of the split cylinders. Turn each screw until each one is protruding by about a centimetre.
2. Hold the jig level against the trunk of the tree and use the bit provided with a hand drill to drive each screw into the tree. Leave a generous distance. The radius of Australian Eucalyptus grow between 0.5 and 1 cm per year so a 5 cm gap will allow up to 10 years before the box needs to be adjusted. The tree will grow freely around the screws without harming itself or the nest box.
3. Drive the third screw into the tree around 10 cm below the first two. The head of each screw should be aligned as in the third image.
4. As you mount the nest box, use a finger to feel that the mount mates with the head of the screw. Gently pull the nest box down to lock it in position.
5. That is it! It should look like the fourth image above. If you want to adjust the alignment of the nest you can easily remove it and adjust the screws.