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Kristie-Mei's Wildlife Care

Kristie-Mei's wildlife care program is a dedicated effort to rehabilitate and release injured and distressed animals, primarily focusing on possums and birds. You can support the program by donating here .

Possum babies, often suffering from dermatitis due to stress from suburban overpopulation, are nurtured for up to six months, depending on their age upon arrival.

Additionally, burns on their feet caused by metal roofs or powerlines are treated with care, which can take varying durations to heal depending on severity.


During the Lorikeet Paralysis Syndrome (LPS) season, Kristie-Mei saved around 30 lorikeets.

Among their success stories is the rehabilitation of a tawny and a bald lorikeet, the latter being found covered in tar.

Furthermore, a Koel with a back injury underwent months of physiotherapy under their care.


Possum releases are typically conducted as soft releases, allowing the animals to acclimate to the environment at their own pace. This approach involves providing an open aviary for possums to come and go until they feel comfortable staying out.


Birds, adhering to their territorial behavior, are usually returned to their original habitats whenever possible.

Soft releases are employed for some, while orphaned babies are often integrated into bird families for adoption, ensuring their seamless transition back into the wild.

You can donate and support the program here.