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About us

We started our business in 2019 and grew quickly on a reputation for delivering quality nesting boxes designed for Australia's native fauna. The environment is our passion, so the welfare of the animals and sustainable practices in our supply chain are at the very core of our operations. 

Future Vision

Our dream is to develop the engagement between the community and the natural environment which surrounds us. In December 2023 we'll release our solar wireless cameras, currently in field trials throughout Brisbane. The cameras will be installed in nesting boxes alongside community walks, in schools, ecotourism and rehabilitation projects allowing people to view the nesting box inhabitants from their smart phones and via this website. The camera systems also include audio, temperature, humidity and motion sensors to enable continuous improvement of our designs and of course, allowing the community to see animals which like to remain hidden.

Imagine primary school children studying the inhabitants of nesting boxes at their school. Imagine families being able to view the animals living along the walks around their homes. Imagine the effect of having the community this engaged with their natural environment.

It's an exciting future!